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Submitted by: Ji Young Kim


Pamper your senses and your appetite. 


For the salty and the sweet tooth, from weight-watchers to foodies. If you are looking for a brunch place that is not too pricey but fancy enough for your “gram”, L’ETO at The Galleria Al Maryah Island is the place for everyone. 


Flown all the way from London, L’ETO is a chic café delicately decorated with flowers and plush furniture, and features a relaxing patio and extravagant dessert table. This gorgeous eatery satisfies your taste buds with creative and healthy recipes that are not only too beautiful to eat but too scrumptious to resist. They have wide range of menus from light breakfast, such as Acai & Quinoa Granola Bowl, to full avocado toast topped with cured salmon. Of course, they also have classic breakfast dishes such as Eggs Benedict and pancakes. 


But my favorite of them all is their regional breakfast: Turkish, Lebanese, Italian, Californian, and Arabic. This restaurant offers a variety of options to choose from, like taking a little tour around the Mediterranean Sea then across the world. People say breakfast is the most important meal of the day and guess what, L’ETO has all day breakfast. So, if you’ve woken up too late and missed breakfast, L’ETO is there to quench your hunger after a long slumber. 


I would recommend trying their French Toast and Croque Madame. These two are a perfect combination of sweet and salty. First, take a bite of your French Toast to hear the crunch. The inside is so soft and moist that the bread will just melt in your mouth. Served with caramelized plums and banana slices, you should stack your bread with plum and banana and dip it in the labneh foam to indulge in a full L’ETO experience. 


When you are about to exhaust the sweetness, move on to the Croque Madame. First, break the yolk of your sunny side up and paint your cheesy toast yellow. Then, slice the toast up to see the cheese stretch, ready to dive into your mouth. The savory flavors of the French delicacy will wash away the sweetness. With the unstoppable alternation of sweet and salty, sweet and salty, your plate will be empty before you know it. After eating at L’ETO, anyone can be a food connoisseur.


And of course, do not pass up on dessert. Have a stroll by the decadent dessert table and pick a few pieces (it helps to go with many people so you can have a dessert feast!). Their milk cakes are classics, but the rest of their offerings are likewise delicious. Order one of their creative beverages (Jasmine Lychee Ice Tea is a warm weather classic) to indulge in with your dessert and take the party to the patio—dessert in style.

If you are looking for a perfect date location or a weekend getaway with your friends and family, have a walk along the promenade at The Galleria and grab a seat at L’ETO. 

The one downside of L’ETO, I must say, is that you can never get enough of it!