About us

We are an Emirati-led start-up that strives to deliver authentic social and cultural experiences in Abu Dhabi. We honor our heritage while illuminating a thriving contemporary culture and imagining a bright future.

Authentic Experiences

by Local Guides

Our cultural and social experiences are carefully curated to offer the best experiences of stories of past and present.



Visitors To A Contemporary And Authentic Experience Of Life In The UAE.


Our Guests To Engage With The Unique Layers Of The UAE’s International And Multicultural Society


An Authentic And Diverse Narrative Of The People Of The UAE.


A Deeper Understanding Of The Culture, Customs And Layered Identities Of The UAE.


tailored cultural experiences unique to our clients needs.

Why Knot?

The Knot was founded by Sana’a Amro, who grew up in Abu Dhabi watching the integration of cultures give life to the growing city around her. The idea started to form during her travels abroad, in which she learned that there was little to no awareness around Emirati culture. At home, she recognized that visitors weren’t interacting with the people, but instead with places that often focused on the past. So she decided to create a space for visitors and locals to connect through a common thread. By discovering new cultures, sharing personal stories and creating emotional bonds, guests will leave with a deeper sense of understanding, appreciation and admiration for the contemporary culture found in Abu Dhabi today. 

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