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Submitted by:  Aleksandra Medina


Living in Abu Dhabi, we often forget the biggest privilege we have – year-long access to pristine blue water and white-sand beaches. While sitting in our air-conditioned offices buried in daily routines, it slips our minds that we are in an exotic beach holiday destination! And for those visiting Abu Dhabi for the first time – if you came for a relaxing beach holiday, with an extra layer of class, you won’t be disappointed.

The beaches in Abu Dhabi might not be the same as the wild beaches on one of the many islands in Thailand, but they are absolutely wonderful in their own way. Beaches in Abu Dhabi are incredibly clean, easy to access, well-staffed and catered for visitors. The Abu Dhabi approach to a day at the beach means full-on service throughout the whole day. There is no need for a long drive out of the city—the beaches are right there. And, once you enter the beach club, the Abu Dhabi experience begins.

There are two different kinds of experiences to explore on a day at the beach here. You could keep it casual and go to a public beach; my personal favorite is the Saadiyat Public Beach. It’s close to the city, yet feels more secluded and is exceptionally clean. Still, there’s the option to rent beach beds and go to the nearby vendors for snacks, chilled drinks, and ice cream. So, even if you choose to go to Saadiyat Public Beach, you are sure to have a great beach day.

However, if you’re already accustomed to the unique Abu Dhabi lifestyle, you’ll probably be more interested in its beach clubs. And, honestly, Abu Dhabi is the beach club destination.  Filled with some of the most luxurious hotels, Saadiyat Island has no shortage of beach clubs. Leisure time here is filled with hotels and malls, so for the best beach clubs, you go to the most renowned hotels (the likes of Park Hyatt, St. Regis, Rotana, Rixos, and many more).

The moment you enter one of these beach clubs, your day of complete relaxation begins. Disconnect from daily stresses, grab a book, sunscreen and some of your closest people, and the friendly staff at the beach club will take care of everything else. They will provide you with a beach bed, beach towels, lockers, and a full menu starting from fresh fruit and breakfast, and ending with calamari and truffle fries. And, of course, since it’s Abu Dhabi, there’s always the option of Friday brunch by the pool. Taking a day at the beach to the next level, these beach clubs will often have live bands performing by the pool, just for you.

If there’s anything else you would ever want to have, they probably have it. There are beach clubs that include access to a sauna, Jacuzzi, and ice-water pool. You can have bottomless mimosas. You can rent cabanas. Truly, whatever you’re craving, they’ll have. So, next weekend instead of going to the mall, let go of all that has been keeping you stressed with a day by the pool, while sipping on a refreshing drink.