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We are exploring the broader meaning of Light through meditative questions during this Holy Month.

Each Sunday and Tuesday of every week, we are asking the community to share your interpretation of Light and its connection to people, places and/or things. We invite you to answer by sharing a photo, video or text using the hashtag #LightUponLightae on Instagram.

This Ramadan will be different for all of us, so we are designing a series of interactive sessions to continue the tradition of observing this special month with family and loved ones.

The beauty and essence of Ramadan lie in the coveted traditions that bring loved ones together during this Holy Month. This year, we are all invited to re-imagine the way we might break the fast with our extended family, come together in prayer or break bread over Iftar. In partnership with The Writing Society, with Hope and Mojttama3, we are designing a series of interactive sessions to continue the tradition of observing this special month with those you share the light with.

We are exploring the broader meaning of Light through introspective conversations every Thursday during the month of Ramadan at 10:00 PM.

We invite the community to share your interpretation of Light whether connected to people, places, and/or things.

O Allaah! Place Light In My Heart; [And Light In My Tongue;] And Place Light In My Hearing; And Place Light In My Seeing; And Place Light From Below Me; And Place Light From Above Me, And Light On My Right, And Light On My Left; And Place Light Ahead Of Me; And Place Light Behind Me; [And Place Light In My Self;] And Make The Light Greater For Me

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)Du’aa Of Light (Noor)



Reintroduce community solidarity during these challenging and uncharted times.


Bring neighbors, families, and communities closer to each other.


Reinvent the ways we spread the spirit of Ramadan while respecting the country’s demands to remain inside.


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Our Amazing Partners:


‘Mujtama’a’ which is an Arabic name of community is a project on the creation of a new culture of dialogue outside the trilling typical concept of coexistence without a realistic experience. It aims to hold meetings and dialogues on variety and diverse affairs of life, Society and Culture. Held between different groups living on the territory of the United Arab Emirate, connecting parallel lines that almost do not rarely intersect, with the noble aim to create an umbrella that continues to enrich the intellectual, Humanistic and Cultural diversity in the crossing fields of Intellect, Art and Literature. All embraced in various initiatives within the package that the project would adopt.

Writing Society

“Writing Society” an innovative platform that aims to encourage the individuals & corporates to self-express their feelings & thoughts using the energy of a writing group. Writing society provides specialized self-writing programs to give a creative mixture between writing, skills, & arts.

Foto UAE

foto UAE is an Instagram feed founded by Emirati photographer Ola Allouz in November 2016.

@fotoUAE aims to support and create opportunities for passionate photographers and artists in the UAE, by sharing their photos which can lead to connecting with other parties that have mutual interest.

Our main focus is to build a strong community of like minded artists by organizing periodic photo-walks and meet-ups at different locations in the UAE.

“I believe in Smart Networking Systems in generating valued connections and relationships.” – Ola Allouz

With Hope

With hope mission is to promote mental health awareness for all individuals, families and citizens in the UAE through volunteerism and advocacy. While their vision is to have a community where everyone in the UAE supports and accepts people with mental health problems.