A Spiritual Voyage: A Conversation on Ramadan



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One night during Ramadan is more powerful than a thousand months.

As we embark upon the most celebrated month of the Islamic calendar, we invite you to join us on a journey through the origins and modern traditions of Ramadan.  Are you interested in learning more about fasting rituals or ways you can actively participate in the celebration this year? Consider this series a friendly welcome guide to Ramadan.   We’ve designed this workshop to explore the significance and traditions of the Holy Month, common do’s and don’ts for non- Muslims, the etiquette of fasting and the rippling social effect of Ramadan on the community as a whole.

There are so many beautiful little things to Ramadan.

Stillness in the air

Calmness in the heart

Quietness in the mind

Decorative Prayers Jar

The Mass prayers

The Community Iftars

The Prayer Beads

The Family Rituals